Visit the Trevi Fountain: one of the most famous local attractions in Rome

Take a sunlit stroll along the prestigious Via Veneto, Rome’s most fashionable street and the home of our 5-star boutique Grand Hotel Palace Rome. Our hotel near the Trevi Fountain will place you in the perfect location for shopping, eating all the pasta and gelato you can lay your hands on and of course, nonchalantly nosing through a book around the Trevi Fountain, recently reopened and free of scaffolding after an extensive renovation.

In the summer months, the gardens of Villa Borghese are a flower-clad sight to be seen, spanning in horticultural splendour from Piazza del Popolo to the top of Via Veneto. Take a free guided tour, walk around the lake, visit the biopark and see if you can find the replica of Shakespeare's Globe Theatre, added to the park in 2003.

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