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If You Want to Know What A Customer Experience is; Visit the KuwaIt City COPTHORNE! Because of my business, I travel to three contents and more than a dozen of countries. Consequently, I stay in all kinds of hotels. I've spent almost half of 2018 at this particular hotel facility; it's literally MY "Home Away From Home!" The "Drivers Team;" Mohamed, Mahmoud, and Abdulla is the first contact point at the airport. Their welcoming words, smiles, and assistance launch off a perfect stay in their facility. Starting with the "Front Desk Team;" Leona, Riza, Amal, Anna, Ibrahim, Hussain, and Lolita, you'll always receive the absolute best welcome ever! They are dedicated to start you off with the perfect impression of your stay. It just happened that I've been welcomed in the last few trips by "Leona," who is by far; the most awesome individual and Customer Experience Agent I've ever met. From the moment I step out of the car in front of the hotel to the moment I get in the lobby (usually 30-40 seconds); my room key is ready for me! WOW! I run all my business at the hotel; at least a dozen of events each visit. The "Banquet Team;" Merihan, Namgy, Theerng, and the super star Mary Lajaica are always there ready to provide you the experience of your life time. Their service extends from accommodating your reservations to the completion of successful and memorable events. Don't miss the opportunity to eat at the Downtown Restaurant; under the leadership of Prince; the team of Sukulal, Khaled, Bala, Tssewang, and Rizen are ready to provide you with a second-to-none experience. What happens with Leona at the front desk, happens with Chef Martin at the restaurant; once arrived, my daily break=fast dish is cooked-to-order and brought to my table! Another WOW!! During my stay in this visit, I had the pleasure of meeting both the Hotel & the Sales Managers; what a delight meeting that was. In a way, getting to know these 2 gentlemen has explained why the hotel is run the way it does; PERFECTLY! Thank you "Kuwait City Copthorne Hotel Team" for being awesome and for providing me the comfort to enjoy my stay and to get my business to flourish because of the support you always give me. Happy New Year & see you in February 2019 :)) 10/10 stars

Alaa E. Florida, Dec 2018 View_Reviews

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